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Structure:Air suspension is generally made of air spring, damper, steering structure, air supply unit and height control valve.

Function:Reduce the pounding of vehicle in driving and the impulsive force of vehicle on the road, improve driving comfort and car body controllability.

1. Yuancheng air suspension is welded with structural components and applies high-strength fastener and strengthened structure design, ensuring its safety and stability.
2. Yuancheng air suspension is installed with imported airbag, damper and control valve and equipped with high-strength spring-steel components, ensuring extremely high safety and reliability.
3. Yuancheng Group has three air suspension production lines, having complete equipment and advanced process and having the capacity to produce many specifications and sizes of automotive suspensions of various passenger cars, trucks and trailers and customize many automotive models exclusively, so as to meet the personal pursuit of domestic and foreign users maximally.

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