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  • Product: YC-51310-252R
  • Specification: 70*5/10/11/13-13L
  • Material: 60Si2Mn
  • Views : 265
Product Features: 1. With 14 leaf-spring production lines, Yuancheng can produce various micro, light, medium, heavy and coach leaf springs, totally in more than 7,000 specifications and varieties which are able to perfectly match with different vehicle models;
2. Yuancheng Leaf Spring has eight patents for automotive leaf spring and masters core R&D and manufacturing technologies of leaf spring, with guaranteed and first-class quality;
3. Workshop of Yuancheng Leaf Spring applies fully automatic production devices and is equipped with fully automatic rolling mill, automatic assembly line and other production configurations, so as to ensure precision operation, details of finished products and avoid deviations.
Specifications:  单位:mm

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