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The Advantage of Cathodic Electrophoresis in Application of High-end Leaf Spring Products

The appearance quality of the leaf spring has become an important factor influencing vehicle sales and customer satisfaction. Therefore, in recent years, more and more vehicle manufacturers in China refer to the European and American automotive assembly standards, and put forward new requirements for the quality of anti-corrosion coating of leaf springs. In order to meet the higher quality standards for automotive leaf springs, cathodic electrophoretic coating process came into being. So what are the advantages of cathodic electrophoresis compared to conventional coating processes? The cathodic electrophoretic coating process has greatly improved the corrosion resistance of the leaf spring. The thickness of Cathodic electrophoretic coating is 22 ~ 26μm, salt spray resistance exceeds 300h, while the conventional simple coating process salt spray time is only about 90 ~ 150h, especially for the export leaf spring business, the sea loading time is long and the weather Unpredictable conditions can easily cause the leaf spring to rust away paint, affect the appearance quality and service life. The use of cathodic electrophoretic coating process can improve this situation.   Although the cathodic electrophoresis process increases the power and baking costs, the price of the electrophoretic paint is similar to that of the conventional electrostatic paint, and the paint utilization rate is more than 95%, so that the paint cost is greatly reduced, the total cost does not increase significantly. Jiangxi Yuancheng automatic leaf spring cathodic electrophoresis line has been officially completed and put into mass production at the end of 2017, which means Yuancheng not only strive for the total production volume of leaf springs, but also for the first class level in corrosion resistance of leaf spring products. Yuan Cheng Group will also take this opportunity to comprehensively promote the process equipment update, production line adjustment, technology benchmarking and other series of work, we firmly believe that there will be more commercial vehicles become our partners, the future of Yuancheng Group will surely be even more brilliant!
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